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Your Skin During Pregnancy

Fluctuating hormone levels are known to increase skin sensitivity, and pregnant women often find their skin can swing out of control.

The gentle, soothing and balancing organic extracts in Pai products help to calm and clear pre and post-natal skin, restoring it to its natural radiance.

Many women turn to natural and organic products during pregnancy in a bid to best avoid chemicals and irritants.

Paiís product purity is guaranteed by its Soil Association certification.

Pregnancy Safe

Pai products for pregnancy are free of all essential oils, which means you can safely use them from the 1st trimester.

In addition, we never use artificial fragrance, so neither you nor your baby will be irritated by overpowering synthetic smells or the phthalates they sometimes contain.

After the first trimester you can safely use any other Pai product on your skin.

More information from our blog about ingredients to steer clear of (as a precaution) during pregnancy.

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